To Give is Sublime…and Fun and Powerful and Other Cool Stuff


Everyone knows that effective money management involves earning, saving and growing their money. More and more people these days, including this blog, are adding sharing money as an essential aspect of managing your money.

Why is sharing important? It’s about community and making sure no one is left behind. It’s not about giving everything you have away, or about putting yourself and what you want at the back of the line. It is about helping each other out. It feels great to give and to receive and it makes sure no one feels left out or alone.

Ubuntu is About Sharing

I just read a Facebook post that introduced me to the African philosophy of “Ubuntu”. Ubuntu has several translations including, “I am because we are.” It’s a philosophy that recognizes we are all inter-connected. It’s about community and recognizing how important and powerful it is.

Below is a video in which former South African president Nelson Mandela explains his interpretation of Ubuntu. Enjoy, and let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.


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